Here's an update on the establishment of the Provisional Chapter here at Iowa State University from Colton Steele, Chapter Consultant, Pi Kappa Alpha National

I have been here on-site recruiting men to restart the chapter for the last several months. We have appointed and trained the chapter leadership to ensure the chapter is prepared to operate on its own. We've recruited multiple club athletes, scholarship winners, and student leaders. We have men from many different areas ranging from all over the state of Iowa and the Midwest as well as from three other countries. The men come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences which I believe will contribute to the overall strength of the chapter.

Currently we have 43 members and counting:

The men that we recruited truly exemplify the ideals of PIKE and are all extremely motivated around the idea of building a chapter from the ground up. These men joined with a vision of building a fraternity that is different than anything else on Iowa State's campus. 


In the Bonds,  Colton M. Steele

3 legacies (2 from UNI, 1 from U of Illinois)

5 Hixson Scholars

4 juniors on the executive board,

2 sophomores, 3 freshmen

Predominantly freshman 

1 ambassador for the Ivy College of Business

1 ambassador for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


5 players on the club lacrosse team

1 member of the cheerleading team

2 men in ROTC

The treasurer of the MIS Club

Founder and owner of the app SeasonCast (below)

Members from Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Dubai, Oman, and Indonesia

Son of a football coach

new pikes lineup.jpg

Meet the Pikes Night! at the Memorial Union with speakers Colton Steele, headquarters consultant, Sharron Evans, Dean of Students, Joe Wegelin, Provisional Chapter Advisor and Max Smith, SMC. As of November 15, we have recruited 51 outstanding new members. (Those not pictured above were busy studying for their chemistry test the next morning.) 

Max Smith, SMC - I was born and raised in Ankeny, Iowa. Some quick information about me is that I am a Computer Science major, I have had 3 internships, and I have created my own app called SeasonCast.

SeasonCast is a live streaming app that is used by 5,000+ high schools/youth teams in the United States. I charge these teams $45 per year. The app is rated a 4.7 star on the App Store with 2,000+ reviews. This app also won me a $5,000 contest award last semester from Iowa State University for 1st place in best existing business.

I think this information is important to bring up because my goal as chapter president is to apply what I have learned from the corporate world and running my own startup to this chapter. This means to me that members are the "right men". Men that are loyal & believe in the Pi Kappa Alpha values. Men that are held to a higher standard. Men that are in the  

Alpha Phi family. For our leadership, I want an environment that creates high expectations and accountability. My goal is that if we create high expectations from leadership positions that push them to excel then it will result in a successful chapter on all fronts. I think this will create a long lasting impact that will continue on for many presidents after me. Lastly and most important to me is that we are financially sustainable. I want to create an environment where every member understands the importance of financial obligations towards our goals as a chapter. The Alpha Phi chapter is going to continue to be an accountable, sustainable, and successful chapter at Iowa State. 

new crew banner.jpg

Alumni got a chance to meet some of the new Pikes attending the Friday night Super Homecoming banquet.

Letter of support from Iowa State President, Wendy Wintersteen (click to view large)

Click through slides about the Pike Expansion Process.  (below)

Pikes. The Next Generation.

The Alpha Phi Chapter is in the midst of being recolonized this Fall semester of 2021. It's an exciting time as we prepare for the successful return of our beloved Chapter. Already the next generation of Alpha Phi men is being groomed. They are in the process of creating their own website: