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Alpha Phi is back!

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The page has been turned, a new chapter begins, and a brotherhood started in 1913 continues in phi phi kappa alpha.















In August 2021 a multi-year journey began when expansion consultants from the International Fraternity arrived on campus at Iowa State to reestablish the Alpha Phi Chapter. With referrals from professors, alumni, club leaders, and sorority women; 50 men were initially recruited to establish the Alpha Phi Provisional Chapter.

When the International Fraternity departed campus in the spring of 2022, our group of men were left to forge their identity. How would others describe Pi Kappa Alpha? What type of man would they continue to recruit? What would they stand for?

When summer rolled around, a core group of members came together and decided who PIKE would be. They would be focused in the classroom and recruit smart men. They would seek to be involved on campus and recruit others already in leadership positions. They’d win intramurals and seek out others who have a competitive mindset. Finally, they’d be socially preferred. Men others wanted to be associated with. Overall, the membership decided they wanted to be considered an up-and-coming fraternity. To do so, they needed to carry themselves in a certain way and create a culture of success.

By the fall of 2022, members were being invited to sorority formals. They finished 3rd overall in Homecoming (our highest finish since the 90’s) with wins in tournaments and 3rd in community service. The chapter GPA was not where it needed to be, so they buckled down and received the most improved GPA of all Greeks.

After a successful fall, the chapter remained focused on recruitment and worked to establish a strong summer rush program. Through the work done in the summer and early fall of 2023, membership increased to over 65 men, putting them in the top quadrant of ISU fraternities.

Pi Kappa Alpha’s rechartering journey culminated on Friday, November 10th when representative from the International Fraternity, and Pike chapters from South Dakota, South Dakota State, Bradley, Nebraska, and Alpha Phi alumni descended on 2112 Lincoln Way. They began in the early evening and worked deep into the night to individually initiate 52 men. On Saturday morning, November 11, 2023, under the guidance of International President Chris Peterson, Regional President Mark Spotanski, and Alpha Phi alumni, the Alpha Phi Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha at Iowa State University was officially rechartered.








2112 Lincoln Way has again welcomed members of Pi Kappa Alpha into it's walls and our letters again grace the front lawn!

Over the past week, members of the Provisional Chapter conducted Work Week 2023 and moved onto the second and fourth floors. Scroll down for a few photos of the guys getting the front yard ready to go and letters on the house. Special thanks to the local alumni in the Ames and Des Moines area who stopped through to lend a hand this past week!




















A few quick updates for you regarding 2112 Lincoln Way as we begin the fall semester:

Limited Occupancy for 2023 Academic Year
The House Corporation was able to clear enough space in 2112 to allow 23 members of the Provisional Chapter for the academic year that starts tomorrow. Learn more about our plans for 2112: The House That Built Us at the link below:

Dry Facility
As part of the Code of Conduct presented by the Provisional Chapter to the House Corporation, the undergraduates have elected to operate as a dry fraternity. Their ultimate belief is that having an alcohol-free facility will help them to attract a type of man that most aligns with their pursuit to again be a top fraternity at Iowa State. They also believe this will help them keep our house in the best shape possible as we continue to work towards a major overhaul of the facility. 

When you head to campus this fall for football - we hope you'll stop through 2112 Lincoln Way and say hello! While doing so, please be mindful that the property will remain alcohol free


New House Director Hired
Mike Kelly has been hired by the House Corporation to serve as House Director for the 2023 academic year. Mr. Kelly is a retired deputy sheriff, served in the US Army, and hails from Carroll, IA. He will split his time between Pi Kappa Alpha at Alpha Tau Omega. In a recent letter to parents, Mike wrote: "I am a cigar smoker and single malt sipper. I am not politically correct and I'm a pragmatist. I believe in directly addressing issues, solving them, and moving on." I think he'll fit in just fine...


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Provisional Chapter Strives for Success in All Areas.

The Provisional Chapter has been hard at work these past few months. We are focusing all possible efforts on chartering by the beginning of fall semester, and phase three was recently completed.

Our largest areas of success have been in academic advancement and recruitment. In the fall, we achieved a 2.99 GPA, which was quite an improvement from our 2.72 in spring 2022. This was approximately a 10% increase—the largest of any Greek organization at Iowa State in the same time frame. However, we are working hard to raise the Chapter GPA even further. A new study program was put in place to mandate members with lower GPAs to turn in weekly study hours in approved campus locations (library, student union, etc.). In terms of recruitment, we have grown from 18 active members at the start of the academic year to 52. As a Chapter, our goal is to reach 75 active members by the semester’s end.

Regarding our presence on campus, the brothers of our Provisional Chapter have continued their impressive dedication to molding Pi Kappa Alpha into the best fraternity at Iowa State. PIKE also prides itself on having 95% of its members involved in other student organizations. Last fall, Alpha Phi participated in its first ISU Homecoming and placed first in athletics, third in community service, and third place overall. The Provisional Chapter expects more success to follow as we approach Greek Week this spring. This semester alone, we have organized several social events with other houses of the Greek community as well as events aimed at recruiting new members.

In the philanthropy sector, we organized a fundraiser for the HAMO Foundation, a local nonprofit organization in Gilbert, Iowa, with the goal to raise awareness for suicide prevention and mental health improvement. The Provisional Chapter raised $386 in hot chocolate sales. In addition, a multi-day joint philanthropy with Sigma Kappa for the Gilbert-Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Department is planned for the end of the semester. The Firefighter’s Challenge will encourage the involvement of the entire Greek community with sporting tournaments and firefighter-themed relay races.


We look forward to getting to know the alumni this fall at football games.



Jonah Hillmann

Provisional Chapter President

Chapter Officers

Jonah Hillmann

Internal Vice President

Luca Cano

External Vice President

Gabe Brewer

VP of Membership Development Ethan Branstetter


Kolton Eisma

Health and Safety Chairman

Connor Hollarbush


Noah Yets


Liam Knight

Recruitment Chairman

Nick Gerbasi (630) 310-6349

Chapter Stats: Fall 2023

Chapter Size: 68

Chartering Goal: 65

Fraternities at Iowa State: 28

Average Chapter Size:50


All Chapter GPA: 3.14

Chartering Goal: 3.00

All Men’s GPA: 3.08

All IFC GPA: 3.16


Percentage of membership involved on campus: 94%

Key Organizations: Student Government, ROTC, Wrestling Club, Men’s Volleyball Club, Lacrosse Club,  Habitat for Humanity.


Varsity/Club Athletes: 4


Number of Men Attending Training through PIKE University: 48


Philanthropy dollars raised: $6,528.50


Misc Stats:

  • 3rd Place Overall – Homecoming 2022

    • 1st Place: Athletic Tournaments

    • 3rd Place: Community Service

  • 1st Place – Homecoming Basketball Tournament: 2022

  • 2nd Place – Greek Week Volleyball: 2023

  • 3rd Place – Homecoming Treds (flag football): 2022

  • Largest Recruitment Class on Campus: Spring 2023

  • Largest GPA Increase on Campus: Spring 2023

gingerbread houses mixer.png

Provisional Chapter Elects Jonah Hillman President

Hello all! My name is Jonah Hillmann, and I just recently began my term as Pi Kappa Alpha’s newest president. First, I will just say how excited to begin this journey. I can tell you that we will not be skipping a beat in terms of growing this fraternity and impacting the Iowa State campus in a positive way. All of the men in PIKE are very excited for what this year holds as we continue along our journey to charter. We are gaining new members every week and continuing our outreach to the rest of the greek community.  

We have quite a few things going on in the next month. The PIKE University Event in Kansas City will be happening November 4-5, 10 of our men will be attending that and learning a lot from it. On October 15th we will be going paint balling as a fraternity at Seven Oaks in Boone which should be a lot of fun. We have a social planned with the women of Alpha Chi Omega the first week of November, as well as a philanthropic event in the works with the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon. I believe that positive relations with well-established and respected fraternities and sororities will play a large role in the growth and prominence of this chapter. 

My goal for this term is to truly make this the best fraternity it can possibly be. I want to enable our men to succeed not just in the classroom, but socially as well. I can say with full certainty that the men of PIKE have a common vision. We are not here to chase mediocrity. There is an understanding in the chapter that rechartering a fraternity is no easy task, and hours of time, energy, and pure resiliency is the only path to success. 

I am extraordinarily excited to see what is in store for PIKE in the future and to keep moving forward. 


- Jonah H

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