Current Contributors:

Gary Woods '59

Marc Faulkner '91

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Tim Stouffer '67

Rodger Curnow '70

Tyler Norgren '13

Joe Wegelin '07

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Jerry McClelland '73

Caleb Paterson '16

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Jeff Stone '73

David Tillinghast, Sr. '79

David Tillinghast, Jr. '03

Cliff Mann '67

Mark Zirkelbach '67

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Gene Commander '71

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Robert Bowne '84

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Craig Bauerle '79

Ben Boden '01

He said, "Drifter, can ya make folks cry when you play and sing?
Have you paid your dues, can you moan the blues?
Can you bend them guitar strings?"
He said, "Boy, can you make folks feel what you feel inside?
'Cause if you're big star bound let me warn ya, it's a long, hard ride"


- David Allan Coe "The Ride"

The Alpha Phi Alumni Association is funded solely from dues paid voluntarily by the Alpha Phi Alumni. This revenue allows us to maintain our Brotherhood in many ways including funding events, putting on Alpha Phi Super Homecoming, sending newsletters, financially supporting the upcoming recolonization, PIKE Headquarters Annual Dues, other operational expenses and needs as they arise. You can see the options to pay dues below on a  monthly or annual basis. Any support is appreciated!

2112 Club  $21.12 per month or $253.44 annually

New members of the 2112 Club get a free bottle of 2112 Wine! Once you sign up, we'll contact you by phone to take your wine order.

Gold Club   $11 per month or $132 annually

Garnet Club   $5 per month or $60 annually