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New events to come

We're planning events for 2024. Send us your ideas or suggestions at 

Order your 2112 Chardonnay or Firetruck Cabernet!

Sign up for the $21.12 Club and get a free bottle of 2112 Wine!

Join brothers supporting the Pike Alumni Association Activities. 


Alpha Phi is back!

A glorious day! The chapter is officially rechartered and PIKE is back on campus. The new Pikes are going gangbusters with leadership, grades, sports and social. See more here>

Capital Campaign and 2112 Renovation news

Get an update and see renderings of the historic renovation of 2112. Take a look at the presentations we showed at Homecoming.  See more here>

Kansas vs ISU tailgate 

Homecoming tailgate 2023 was a big hit with lots of great conversation and meeting a large amount of undergrads. Discussions of the future of Alpha Phi were at an all time high and much buzz of the renovations happening at 2112. While the game didn't end how we wanted, we left with a positive outlook and look forward to the Future of Alpha Phi.If you have any stories or pics to share, email them to

Support "The House that Built Us" Campaign at

News/events/ dates

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