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New events to come

We're planning events for 2024. Send us your ideas or suggestions at 

Order your 2112 Chardonnay or Firetruck Cabernet!

Sign up for the $21.12 Club and get a free bottle of 2112 Wine!

Join brothers supporting the Pike Alumni Association Activities. 


Alpha Phi is back!

A glorious day! The chapter is officially rechartered and PIKE is back on campus. The new Pikes are going gangbusters with leadership, grades, sports and social. See more here>

Capital Campaign and 2112 Renovation news

Get an update and see renderings of the historic renovation of 2112. Take a look at the presentations we showed at Homecoming.  See more here>

Kansas vs ISU tailgate 

Stories and photos to come. If you have any to share, email them to

Support "The House that Built Us" Campaign at

News/events/ dates

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