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A site for and about the Alumni of Pi Kappa Alpha of Iowa State

MANY OF US arrived in Ames as green freshmen. A whole new chapter of life - full of blank pages. Moving into the Pike House changed, well, everything.
Instantly, we had a huge group of friends and brothers who not only showed us how great college life could be, but were a huge influence for us to develop into men of integrity, who value moral character and hold high expectations for ourselves. 
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FACs, Dream Girls, Pledge Class antics, Rush Week, Varieties, Veisha Floats, Intramural Sports, Pike Formal...

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We all have great stories of our time at the Pike house - friendships formed, lessons learned, crazy things we did. This is the place to share yours. HERE>


A"Woodsie"is a"Woodsie"!

High Street

Best music in the house was a reel to reel tape recorder

Music from "Hair"

Trini Lopez at the Armory

Miss Legs

Serenading Sororities

First kiss under the Campanile

Getting "Lavaliered"

Getting "Pinned"

Pledge Skips

Hong Kong Flu 

"Yell Like Hell"

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Somehow we found a fire engine for sale in Minnesota and we wanted it!  There was some spirited discussion at the chapter meeting as the more conservative members made the point that it was a frivolous expense and would be costly to maintain.  Fortunately, those of us who were crazy prevailed and...  READ MORE>

The 1960 pledge walkout: Our pledge class decided to quitely, and with no warning, leave Ames and go to Chicago! The weather was typical Midwest stuff and we had a real blizzard!  There was four or five of us in the car and sometimes it was everyone pushing except the driver. I had chains on my old Mercury...  READ MORE>

Throughout the year - 1968- the Pikes have been active! The got a homecoming display worked up in time for the judges to award it second place. And, even though it didn't make sweepstakes, Pikes and Tri-Delts put in a lot of time on their skit that depicted the psychedelic world of Alice in Wonderland, an errie and...  READ MORE>

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When we pledged Pike in 1971, it was during a real transition between traditional values (as pledges, we wore ties to class!) and bucking those values (vietnam protests, streaking, long hair, hippies, drugs.) Yet, the culture at the Pike house was always about being the best on campus in everything we did- academics, Veisha, Varieties, sports and social. The older brothers were real leaders and pushed us to contribute to our reputation as the best fraternity at ISU.

The Four Sequins. Four-part harmony in sexy 70s jumpsuits! Alpha Phi’s one of a kind quartet! Led by Jon Haut as the guy who actually knew how to read music, these four Pikes, Don Johnson, Gene White, Jack Kennison and Jon Haut were a hit at Varieties '73!    READ MORE>

9 brave Pikes battle white-out blizzard to get to class! (Okay, the liquor store.) Of course classes were all cancelled, so like any great group of Pikes we started to party! I mean it was May and it was snowing so hard you could not see to drive.  Well we ran out of beer so we decided...  READ MORE>

Our '72 pledge class project was, ahem, a real Triumph. After a late night of intense studying, we decided Brother Highberger's Triumph Spitfire would fit perfectly in the beautiful new fire pit we had built in the backyard as our pledge class project.  At 1568 lbs. it was no problem... READ MORE>

In 1974, with the beautiful and talented Pi Phi's, our Varieties Sweepstakes winner was "This is the answer for you!" - a spoof about the introduction of a new wonder product, and it's influence on  people. This is the Alpha Phi Varieties and Tom Norris Story.  READ MORE>

My nestling Great horned owl Creech lived in the 2nd-floor rack room and at night would hop from bed to bed inspecting each snoring man closely. A pledge brother awoke to find the big owlet standing on his chest staring into his face.  All the guys in the house had been...  READ MORE>

Drill Team beauty takes ride in Pike bathtub. (not what it sounds like.)  The Bathtub. Yes that is what some of the Brothers called Gene White’s 1956 Jaguar XK140 Roadster, which he got as a graduation present from his folks in Waterloo. Driving that car around campus was... READ MORE>

So, when we were sophomores, we had this great idea that we should go to the Playboy Club in Kansas City, MO for the Pike Spring Formal. We and our dates set out in a caravan of 5 rented Winnebagos, going through the 90 most dangerous miles of highway...  READ MORE>


The 80s ushered in new music, new fashions (yikes) and most important, new Brothers at the Pike House. Everything was different and everything was the same. The Cure. Prince. Tears for Fears. And suddenly you could text a Kappa for a date.

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COVID-79. Forty years before Covid-19, a different pandemic swept through 2112 Lincoln Way.  It was December 1979, Iowa State had just switched from quarters to semesters and Finals Week was about to start. Most of the house gathered in the dining room for our final formal Sunday dinner of the term. Ruth, our cook, had prepared her famous oven-fried chicken.  READ MORE>

Some great, hilarious, or inspiring story of lessons learned at the Pike House during the 80s goes here. READ MORE>

And here. READ MORE>



1990s. Studying hard and listening to Nirvanna, Metallica and Hootie and the Blowfish. Watching the first season of the Simpsons and finding out this little thing called Google was pretty handy for homework. Life at the Pike house was da bomb!

(Sorry.) As always, strong friendships and bonds helped guys navigate through academics, social and changing times.