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The ISU Pike chapter that most of us know has always stood for excellence, always aiming to be the best fraternity on campus. Alpha Phi has seen generations of scholars, leaders, athletes and gentlemen, just like the Pike banner reads.
Despite a legacy we're all proud of, more recently the Pike House has seen disappointing challenges. During the Spring Semester of 2020, the Alpha Phi Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha elected to resign their charter and go silent.
This decision was made following the serious sanctions placed on the chapter by the university due to behavioral and academic issues. Additionally, the chapter elected to not renew their lease with the Housing Corporation, the reason for which is outlined in the Housing Corporation communication from 2019 entitled "House Occupancy Change." Following that communication, the chapter failed to regain good standing financially or academically with the university and International Fraternity, and thus, elected to surrender their Charter.
The Alpha Phi Alumni Advisory Board, Alumni Association and Housing Corporation worked closely through this period of time and thereafter with Iowa State University to secure a written agreement with the university for a return to campus as soon as Fall 2021. With a strong working rapport with the university, we are excited for the return of the chapter as soon as feasible; however, given the nature of the pandemic environment on campus, this may be delayed until a time that it can be most successfully facilitated.
The return to campus will be a well coordinated effort between the aforementioned parties and we look forward to giving you continued updates on this progress, and make you aware of opportunities for you to get involved. Your participation in the 2112 Club and/or 2112 Wine are ways you can help support Alpha Phi. 
Should you have any questions, please send them to

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