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Chapter Eternal

AT ALPHA PHI, we made lifelong friends and Brothers. Some we are fortunate to stay in close contact with, some we communicate with only now and then, and some we may not have seen for years. But, the bonds we forged at 2112 connect us forever.


If you know of a Brother who has recently passed, please submit his name and a few words if you can. Here are tributes to Brothers who have recently passed, but are always remembered.

George Griffiths III (‘59) George passed away October 18, 2019. He was a loyal Pike who generously supported Alpha Phi. George regularly attended major Alumni Association functions. He was instrumental in recolonizing the Pike Chapter at the University of Minnesota a few years ago. He retired from a long career at General Mills. George’s smile and energetic enthusiasm for Pi Kappa Alpha will be missed.

David Davenport (‘73) Dave passed away October 24, 2019. He was a lifelong resident of Sioux City, Iowa, and had a very successful career in real estate in Sioux City. Dave had several real estate designations, and served on numerous real estate boards in the Sioux City area.

Chris (Poncho) Gonzales (’72) Chris passed away December 6, 2020. He spent his working life teaching elementary school in Iowa and Colorado. He was a genuine, nice guy with a great sense of humor. A good time was always in store whenever Poncho was around.

Gene Stevenson (’68) Gene lost a battle with cancer on November 13, 2020, one day after his 71st birthday. He was a loyal Pike and kept in touch with brothers from his era. Gene worked in the financial services industry in Denver, and retired five years ago. He enjoyed golfing, gardening and travel.

Kipper (Java Man) Graham '77 passed away on January 9, 2020 in Wichita, Kansas. He was 62 years old. Kip grew up in Lake Park, Iowa. He was a meat broker for John Morrell, Exel and JBSwift.

Larry (Broph) Brophy '77  passed away on January 27, 2021 in Fort Meyers, Florida. He was 62. Broph grew up in Omaha, Nebraska. Since 2014, he worked as an Operations Manager for Cummings Power South, which produces marine engines.

Below: Kipper Graham, Kurt Risk, Larry Brophy & Don Peeler. The backdrop seems appropriate.

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Tim Stouffer '67. Tim passed away June 2.  Tim succumbed to the medical issues that plagued him for the last few years.  He was a guitar player, and was known to take his electric guitar into the shower room at the Pike House when the shower was dry to get an unreal echo sound.  Tim left school to enlist in the Army, rather than waiting to be drafted to better control his fate.  He served in Vietnam, and returned to Iowa State and Alpha Phi after serving two years.  Tim was a tinkerer, artist, and wood worker.  He loved to canoe the rivers and go fishing.  Tim was a giving man, and delivered Meals On Wheels for a number of years.  Tim regularly spent time with his alumni brothers  He was a regular at all the Des Moines area Pike alumni functions until his health caused him to stop. 

Timothy Stouffer Obituary -- Tim Stouffer, 75, of West Des Moines, passed away on June 2, 2023, crossing out of this life and into the next one. He joins our mom, Pat, after 16 years separated by the veil between these worlds. Whereas she was a firecracker, our dad was flint and steel. He taught us how to be men - the kind who know how to use our hands, but also our heads and our hearts. Dad was humble, simple, and hard working. He was a master of thrift, of conservation in the classical sense. He was thorough, and he was always prepared. He liked to be in control, but not of other people - of himself, and this was true right up to the very last. Of DIY guys, there is none above him - a tinkerer who would fix anything with something repurposed, probably scrounged from "big pickup" or from a relic that had broken a decade earlier and that had been squirreled away in a recess of the garage or basement. He was the kind of guy who not only stood up for the National Anthem, he took off his hat, covered his heart and sung along. Being a veteran of Vietnam was not a central part of his identity, but his 'years in service' clearly shaped him. Rather than be drafted, he enlisted so he could better control his fate. He had hoped to be a chaplain's assistant, but ended up assigned to other details. Dad was lavish in little, except for self-sacrifice. He denied himself a great many comforts to instead shower his wife, family, and those around him with blessings. Despite being on the quieter side, he was a fine conversationalist, often in his tendency to ask questions and follow up with a story (some we'd heard a great many times). He was also a creative man. He had a fine arts degree from Iowa State University, and his pre-eminent medium was wood, although oils and acrylics and pens - and when pressed, words - were all outlets for his bright mind. You might have seen my Dad riding his bike around Valley Junction, where decades ago he and his brother Bill had a woodworking business; or paddling a canoe or kayak on one of Iowa's lakes or streams, or most likely working in his yard. He was proud of his turn of the century home at Sixth and Vine, with hundred year old trees, wrapped by a hedge, with a large front and back porch and lifetimes of memories. It was a wonderful home for us to grow up in, and he was able to be there up to his last day. A nod to his grandson Levi who lived with him during this past year, making that a little more feasible. He is survived by Teeg & Amy Stouffer of Marion, IA and their sons, Goody & Finn; and Ben & Sarah Stouffer of Stuart, IA and their children, Laura & Levi. We will of course dearly miss him, but his health over the past few years had been in a steady decline, with hospital stays, doctor visits, a growing list of diagnoses and medications eroding his way of life. In this way, his passing is his reward. He was not looking forward to a protracted time of difficulty drawing breath, unable to do for himself, the independence and self determination he'd prized his whole life slipping away from him. His 75th birthday happened to fall on Memorial Day, and most of his kids and grandkids were able to gather with him for what was a very special day together, and a few days later, quickly, he was gone. Bless God. A celebration of life service is available to you any time you're standing on the side of a river, or when sawdust sprays up onto your arm from a beautiful cut, or when you feel the wind rush over your skin as you pedal your bike. Think of Tim, thank God for your time with him, and know that as much as you loved him, he loved you that much too.

Bryan Wheeler (’01)  Bryan lost a three year battle with cancer on August 7.  He was a very loyal member of the Alpha Phi Chapter, and a brother to all.  Bryan started working at the National Animal Disease Lab in Ames as an ISU student, and remained there his entire career.  In 2015 he met Theresa, the love of his life, and they were married in 2018.   He was  an avid outdoorsman and hunter.  He loved working on the family farm in his off hours.  Bryan was the Alpha Phi House Director all of 2003 and 2004 while he worked for the USDA.  He was a very good House Director, and became a mentor to younger Pikes during those two years.  A large group of Alpha Phi Pikes attended Brian’s visitation and funeral. Brian was buried wearing a Pike activation pin. 

Dennis Doolittle ’66 – July 14, 2021  

Chet Peek ’39 – October 18, 2022

Hal Gilbert ’40 – March 17, 2018

Ron Carpenter ’56 – May 5, 2022

William DeKeyster ’58 –February 10, 2023

Terry Hogelucht ’86 – On September 19, 2022, brother Terry lost his sudden and brief battle with brain cancer at the age of 57. He will forever be remembered by his brothers, family and friends for his infectious smile, boundless creativity and his incredible ability to bring joy to everyone he met. After graduating from ISU, Terry resided with his family in San Diego where he ran his own graphic design business. He leaves behind his wife (and PIKE Little Sister) Kim, three children Olivia, Hans, and Lars. Below is a link to his story, written by his daughter, Olivia.  –Steve Ganch ’85


William “Bill” DeKeyser '57 passed away February 10, 2023, aged 84, after a long battle with Alzheimer's Disease. Bill was surrounded by family at the time of his passing. He was a loving husband to his wife Peg, and father to Ken, Ted, and Mike.


Bill is survived by his wife Peg of 44 years, his sons Ken (Alison) of Urbana, and Mike (Glenda) Moleski of Cedar Rapids. Bill had four grandsons: Zach and Dominic DeKeyser, Ryan and Mark Moleski. He is also survived by his sister-in-law, Kino and her two daughters, Kathryn and Kendra DeKeyser and nephew Steven Bruns and niece Ann Bruns - Rotunno. Bill was preceded in death by his parents, Joe and Betty, his sister JoAnn (DeKeyser) Bruns, brother Jim and his son Ted Kane. Born May 18, 1938, in Manchester, Bill grew up on a farm with his family, and graduated from Manchester High School in 1956. He then attended Iowa State University where he was a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity and graduated with a degree in Agricultural Journalism. Bill then served as a radio operator in the Army Reserve and was Honorably Discharged. Bill started his career in Chicago as a salesman and writer for several farm publications before moving to Colorado to be Marketing Director for Crow Publications. In 1982 Bill returned to Manchester and took over his parents’ antique shop in Edgewood. Bill especially enjoyed spending time with his dad refinishing antiques in the basement of the shop; his best years were spent in the antique business with his parents. Bill enjoyed photography, stamp collecting, woodworking, reading, history, watching Jeopardy and the Chicago Cubs. Bill wanted to be remembered as a humble, strong man who loved his family. Bill was all that and more to the people he loved and the people who loved him.

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