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varieties 2011
let your Pike flag fly!
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CT,Jolly Rogers, Muttley, Crazy +
Great time hanging out and watching the Cyclones with our very own Pi Kappa Alpha Alumni!
1st place Biegs and the Boys%22
jac & kirby leading the Veisha float
dog pile with Thetas
Pikes! Oct 2016


2112 Lincoln Way. Where we lived alongside, and became brothers with, a collection of unique, quirky, strikingly different personalities, talents and strengths.
And were all changed for the better from it.

Our Glorious Legacy


The soul of the Pike House is made of the stories we all have to tell from our time at 2112 Lincoln Way. Poignant. Moving. Inspirational. Ridiculous. Or frighteningly stupid.

But mostly about the close friends we made and the times we shared that changed us forever.

Here you'll find 5 decades of Alpha Phi history being written before your eyes. Stories from, and about, you and your Pike Brothers from the 1960s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and 2010 to now. 


Our Exciting Present


Alpha Phi is BACK! On Saturday morning, November 11, 2023, under the guidance of International President Chris Peterson, Regional President Mark Spotanski, and Alpha Phi alumni, the Alpha Phi Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha at Iowa State University was officially rechartered. The page has been turned, a new chapter begins, and a brotherhood started in 1913 continues in phi phi kappa alpha. Read all about it HERE>

Also, lots of progress and big news for the 2112: The House That Built Us campaign, a new vision for Alpha Phi and 2112 Lincoln Way to ensure our home in Ames is modern, competitive, and safe for future ISU Pike brothers. Details HERE>

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