let your Pike flag fly!
Andy "Crow" Peters, Jay Jannis
CT,Jolly Rogers, Muttley, Crazy +
Pike formal 74?
jac & kirby leading the Veisha float
dog pile with Thetas


A site for and about the Alumni of Pi Kappa Alpha of Iowa State

2112 Lincoln Way
Where we lived alongside, and became brothers with, a collection of unique, quirky, strikingly different personalities,
talents and strengths.
And were all changed from it.
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FACs, Dream Girls, Pledge Class antics, Rush Week, Varieties, Veisha Floats, Intramural Sports, Pike Formal...

We all have great stories of our time at the Pike house - some we can even share in mixed company. This is the place to share yours. HERE>

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When we pledged Pike in 1971, it was during a real transition between traditional values (as pledges, we wore ties to class!) and bucking those values (vietnam protests, streaking, long hair, hippies, drugs.) Yet, the culture at the Pike house was always about being the best on campus in everything we did- academics, Veisha, Varieties, sports and social. The older brothers were real leaders and pushed us to contribute to our reputation as the best fraternity at ISU.

and our dates set out from Ames in a caravan of 5 rented Winnebagos, each carrying a dozen or so of us partiers. Our route through Missouri had us going through the 90 most dangerous miles of highway in the US.  READ MORE>

So, when we were sophomores, we had this great idea that we should go to the Playboy Club in Kansas City, MO for the Pike Spring Formal. We

The "destruction function"- the night dozens of Pikes, and a bunch of Tri-Deltas, Pi-Phis, Chi-Os and Kappas spent the night in the Ames jail.

When the police arrived at the party house we rented monthly on the edge of Ames, chairs and sofas had been thrown out through the windows. Heads and boots had gone through sheetrock walls. The yard was full of cars and the music was blaring. We had a perfect excuse, " There's really no reason to arrest us and fill up those paddy wagons..." READ MORE>


The 80s ushered in new music, new fashions (yikes) and most important, new Brothers at the Pike House. Everything was different and everything was the same. The Cure. Prince. Tears for Fears. And suddenly you could text a Tri-Delt for a date.

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Some great, disgusting, or inspiring story of lessons learned at the Pike House during the 80s goes here. READ MORE>

Another even more amazing story goes here. READ MORE>


1990s. Studying hard and listening to Nirvanna, Metallica and Hootie and the Blowfish. Watching the first season of the Simpsons and finding out this little thing called Google was pretty handy for homework. Life at the Pike house was da bomb!

(Sorry.) As always, strong friendships and bonds helped guys navigate through academics, social and changing times.

So, a Pike, a Tri-Delta and Superman walk into this bar...

here is where a few great stories from the 90s will go. Come on' brothers, don't be shy, send your best. READ MORE>

This one time in band camp,...  READ MORE>

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Wow, Y2K missed us! So life is awesome at 2112 Lincoln Way. Our most diverse pledge class ever hits the ground running. Life is totally different at ISU. And totally the same. Pikes win intramural swimming and basketball. Let your Pike flag fly. 

A new millenium. New stories. Old themes. Bring it. READ MORE>

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and counting

The decade started out great enough. Like a good first quarter in a Cyclone football game. Got a pep talk at halftime, then things went South in the 3rd quarter. Called a needed time out. Now, we're looking for a monster comeback.

chapter by the university due to behavioral and academic issues. The Alpha Phi Alumni Advisory Board, Alumni Association and Housing Corporation worked closely with Iowa State University to secure a written agreement for a return to campus as soon as Fall 2020. We are excited for the return of the chapter.  READ MORE>

During the Spring Semester of 2020, the Alpha Phi Chapter elected to resign their charter and go silent. This followed sanctions placed on the

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