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Meet the Pikes Night! (top) Alumni also got a chance to meet the new Pikes attending the Friday night Super Homecoming banquet.

Recent update from Provisional Chapter Consultant Colton Steele. >

Click through slides about the Pike Expansion Process.  (below)

Here's an update on the establishment of the Provisional Chapter here at Iowa State University!

I have been here on-site recruiting men to restart the chapter over the course of the last two months. At this point, we have appointed and trained the chapter leadership to ensure the chapter is prepared to operate on its own. We have recruited multiple club athletes, scholarship winners, and student leaders. We have men from many different areas ranging from all over the state of Iowa and the Midwest as well as from three other countries. The men come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences which I believe will contribute to the overall strength of the chapter.

In the Bonds,

Colton M. Steele

Chapter Consultant


Pikes. The Next Generation.

The Alpha Phi Chapter is in the midst of being recolonized this Fall semester of 2021. It's an exciting time as we prepare for the successful return of our beloved Chapter. Already the next generation of Alpha Phi men is being groomed. Check out the recent Meet the new Pikes night. Also, there’s much going on with the recent, great Super Homecoming, Virtual pledge class happy hours, 2112 Wine, 2112 Club, big plans for renovating and expanding the Pike house, and more. We couldn’t be more excited about the future of our Fraternity. Big things are happening.